Columbia School is an elite online education solutions provider to private schools and their students worldwide. We equip you with all the tools, systems, and support you need to expand your academic offerings and allow your students to dream big.



Columbia School has been serving schools and their students worldwide for over a decade and is backed by a team with over two decades of online and education experience.



Fully accredited through Cognia (formerly AdvancED) a global network of 36,000 schools in 85 countries.



K-12 online education solutions that allow you to pick and choose how and when you use our programs, courses and teachers.



Columbia School is more than a service provider. We are your partner in meeting your student's academic goals and aspirations.

"Columbia School has a unique approach to all its students. I’m glad to be a part of Hudson Global Scholars because I know my education will give me a lot of benefits in the future. I have benefited so much already. The knowledge I have gained is very special and will provide a lot of possibilities for me in the future."

Sofia Mutska - Kyiv, Ukraine

Why Partner With Columbia School?

  • Provide flexible online solutions designed to meet the needs of students, giving students more academic options
  • Extend your course offerings
  • Offer a fully online or hybrid online learning option
  • Fill teacher gaps
  • Help your graduates stand out as they apply to U.S. universities
  • Enhance your school's reputation
  • Attract new students

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