Online High School Solutions

Our Online Solutions for High School Are Engaging and Academically Rigorous

Columbia School curriculum is designed to introduce students to the academic structures of a college classroom, helping students graduate ready for what’s next.

High School Solutions

We work with your school to develop a customized solution–allowing you to offer a fully online option, expand your course offerings or fill teacher gaps. Every solution is designed to meet the needs of both your school and your students.

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U.S. Dual Diploma Program

Our Dual Diploma Program is ideal for international students wanting to study aboard. Students earn both a diploma from your school in addition to a diploma from Columbia School. The program also provides U.S. university admissions support.

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Early University Programs

Early University programs offer advanced students a way to start earning college credits while finishing high school. These exciting programs introduce students to how university courses are structured and will teach students valuable study skills for college. This program is great for both U.S. and international students.

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University Pathways Certificate

Many high school students dream of studying abroad after graduation. Columbia School can help them stand out on college applications and demonstrate success in the U.S. classroom. Students who complete the program with a minimum grade point average are guaranteed admission to at least one of our partner universities.

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Your Students Deserve a High-Quality Online Education

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