High School Programs

In high school, students turn their eyes toward college, developing their academic skills, expanding their interests, and taking on college preparation. 

Our high school programs offer a highly engaging, academically-rigorous program of study that challenges each student as s/he prepares for college. 

  • Each full-time student meets with his/her academic advisor to develop a personal academic plan designed to meet his/her individual career and college goals. 
  • Students participate in live lessons, webinars, chat sessions, tutoring, and other interactive activities. 
  • Teachers and academic success coaches offer ongoing support. 
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and projects help build skills and engagement. 

Majors & Minors
Full-time students may choose to major or minor in exciting programs of study, such as:

  • Career and Technical Education (STEM, Business & Finance, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Emerging Technologies)
  • World Languages
  • Theology
  • International Studies

Academic Requirements for Graduation (20+ Credits)

Please see the Curriculum Guide for a complete listing of all the core, elective, and specialty course options available for high school students. 

20 Required Credits/Years of Study
4 English/
Language Arts

4 Mathematics
3 Science
(2 Lab-based)

3 Social Studies*

3+ Major or Minor electives
2 World Language 1 PE & Health

* American Government and Economics required


High school students can expect to:

  • Spend 5-6 hours per week on each class they are enrolled in
  • Be held accountable for their progress and grades
  • Work independently and be responsible for logging in daily