Early University Program


The Early University Program gives advanced students a way to start earning transferable “general education” college credits from one of our partnering universities.

Graduates finish high school ahead of the curve by taking college credit courses during their high school years. Ideal for advanced U.S. or international juniors and seniors, this program offers 10-12 freshman general education course options to your students alongside their high school curriculum.

Some of the exciting credit-bearing course options include:

  • Intro to Earth Science
  • Composition Skills
  • College Algebra
  • Mathematics for Liberal Arts
  • And more!

Ready to bring college credit to your high school curriculum?

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Our Early University Program gives your students the opportunity to dive into college courses and finish high school with some of their college requirements already completed.

By completing the Columbia School Early University Program, graduates:

  • Need less time to finish a college degree.
  • Have a head start on the college experience.
  • Save money on college tuition.
  • Open more opportunities for college acceptance.